Partner rental



Partner rental

Especially for the tourist industry, we offer the possibility to offer an extra service for your guests without any worries. Your guest can rent our bicycles, mountain bikes, e-bikes, scooters and Vespas. These two-wheelers can be delivered and picked up on location. When you enter the address details on our rental site, the costs for collecting and/or delivering the rental two-wheelers are automatically calculated. All Sanders Tweewielers tenants can count on free Breakdown service with exchange guarantee!

By who?
Sanders Tweewielers is a specialist in the rental of bicycles, children's bicycles, mountain bikes, e-bikes and scooters (250 two-wheelers). We also rent out accessories such as navigation systems, child seats, helmets, bicycle bags and bicycle trailers.


How does it work?

You pay nothing at Sanders. Your guest rents and pays for a two-wheeler of your choice via our website. All our two-wheelers are delivered to location on request and are collected and replaced free of charge in the event of a breakdown. This way your guest can enjoy our beautiful surroundings, and you don't have to worry about the service that suits a professional rental organization.


To ask?
Do you have any questions or would you like to receive brochures for the rental of our bicycles, e-bikes or scooters? Feel free to contact us via 024-397 2320 or Of course we would like to exchange ideas with you in a personal meeting.